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We asked an independent marketing firm to solicit feedback from members of one of our Energy Cabinets.  

What’s Valuable about the Energy Cabinet?
I like that we have a time once a month when we  separate from our business, developing ourselves as leaders and looking at our business from the outside rather than the day to day running.
We're a group of CEO’s …it's like a family where we all share our collective experiences ..and that provides great wisdom. It also helps build great contacts!
There’s always a very positive atmosphere within the Energy Cabinet and that's what I like.    

It's very practical. Although there is theory, it's also “applied” which I think is really helpful.
It's helping me better understand how I, as a leader, can directly influence different areas of my business.
We're a diverse group of people and we have different needs.  The program addresses the individual needs of everyone at the table rather than trying to force some rigid set of principles into our collective consciousness.
I love that it's not overly structured. I’ve been through lots of structured  training where people, or even trainers, really stick to the agenda. You have to be flexible…that's what we have here.
The personality type module helped me figure out what was missing in my organization and what I needed to do.  It also helped me figure out who shouldn't be in my firm and made me take action to fix it.
One of the most valuable things about the Energy Cabinet is the contacts that come from it.

What's Valuable about Jonathan Copley's Business Coaching?
Jonathan’s a great person to share ideas with and get his feedback. He can tell you very  quickly if it's crap and where the holes are. That's nice having someone with that experience.
Jonathan brings in the experience and wisdom from  being around a lot of different industries for so long.
Jonathan asks questions and has me think about my business challenges in a different way;  He helps me refine my ideas.
I see Jonathan as a mentor, someone I can learn from.  I bring him the challenges I’m struggling with and inevitably it's something he's seen before… or at least he knows how to ​approach the issue.
Jonathan reviewed everything in my business from top to bottom and isolated those things that I had overlooked.This was incredibly valuable.
Jonathan has become a mentor to me. He’s very direct and, will immediately tell you if something is wrong.  He has a really good way of doing that!
Jonathan is one of the most valuable guys I've ever known for helping me grow my business.
Jonathan helped me figure out what's holding my company back and told it to me straight.

Jonathan is a big resource…a huge resource for any business. He’s clearly very interested in our success.

Jonathan’s always filled with positive energy. It's something I've come to count on every month!

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