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Jonathan Copley

Jonathan Copley is the Chief Energy Officer and Founder of the Center for Energizing Leadership. The Center specializes in helping business executives become more energizing leaders, enhance their creativity, and become more innovative entrepreneurs. 

Jonathan has synthesized the secrets of energizing leaders in his book, The Chief Energy Officer. His research for the book included interviews with dozens of world class leaders in both Europe and the United States, and featured several Pacific Northwest legends including Phil Knight, Jim Sinegal, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. 

Jonathan is also the CEO and Founder of CFOCare Inc.which specializes in Business Valuations, Strategy & Corporate Finance consulting for entrepreneurs.  Further, in 2012 he founded Grow50, a consortium of leading professional firms working together to support emerging growth businesses.

Jonathan Copley’s views on world-class business education were formed during his almost 20 year career with one of the world’s leading training organizations, Arthur Andersen Worldwide. In 1990 he became the first partner in a start-up venture which became Andersen Business Consulting. Jonathan went on to serve as a Managing Consulting Partner with both Andersen and Deloitte. He has started and grown management consulting businesses in California, Oregon and Washington states. He works relentlessly for his clients and is a much sought-after business advisor and career mentor.

He graduated with First Class Honors (Magna Cum Laude) in Management Sciences at the prestigious University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology. His major was in Finance and his minor in Psychology. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the UK and is a Certified Public Accountant in the United States.  His background and qualifications mean he is comfortable not only sharing business advice, but also providing "business therapy" and coaching to senior management and owners.

Outside of business, family and yellow Labradors, Jonathan’s passions include soccer and he has a lifelong allegiance to Manchester United. He is proud of having worked in the mid-nineties with World Cup 94 Chairman Alan Rothenberg to develop the original business and marketing plan for Major League Soccer, which now includes the Seattle Sounders.

An Interview with Jonathan

Why did you start the Center for Energizing Leadership in Washington State?
"I’m passionate about nurturing energizing leaders here in the Puget Sound."

​"Cam Myhvold of Ignition Partners suggested in a recent article published via Geekwire that Seattle lacks entrepreneurial talent. I strongly disagree with that assertion and believe that Seattle's entrepreneurs are among the greatest in the world as demonstrated by companies such as Amazon, Microsoft , Costco and Starbucks," said Jonathan Copley, founder of Grow50 and CEO of business consulting firm CFOCare. "With greater nurturing from our experienced team of advisors we know we can help unleash even more of that entrepreneurial talent and help companies grow more rapidly and successfully."

​"I started the Grow50 consortium to support local entrepreneurs. Our first client raised twice the funds it requested. The Center for Energizing Leadership will allow us to accelerate many aspects of our successful program. It will also allow us to work with corporate intrapreneurs, many of whom will go on to build successful businesses inside existing companies."


Jonathan Copley in the News

From Kicking Off MLS to 50 Startups, Grow50 Founder Aims High 

Jonathan Copley considers himself to be one of the world’s biggest Manchester United soccer fans. So when Team Manchester arrived in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2011 to face-off against the Seattle Sounders, he faced a choice. Pit his lifelong fandom and upbringing in Manchester, U.K., against the home team in the region he now lived in and loved. It was no contest. It was “Go Manchester” all the way!

Now, two years later, Copley isn’t repenting for Manchester’s 7-0 win vs. Seattle but reaffirming his allegiance to the Puget Sound community that is sprouting startup companies like blades of grass on his home field turf.

A champion of new business formation, capitalization and valuation, and the founder of CFOcare, Copley has what he believes is a winning Seattle game plan. He has assembled a team of multidisciplinary advisors, 16 professional service firms, in a consortium known as Grow50.  As in soccer, there is a goal to achieve that he and his illustrious teammates share. Grow50′s mission is to help 50 select companies grow significantly over the next 10 years by getting all the expertise and funding they need. 

“I wanted to put together a team of people that had every skill set an entrepreneur would need when starting a business,” he explained.

​”We see a lot of startups coming in and asking angel investors for money, and the angels naturally turn around and say, ‘Tell us about your management team.’” That’s obviously the number one success factor, right? The startups typical response is, “Right, you give us the money and we’ll give you the management team. It’s a Catch-22 situation.

We believe we can accelerate a large number of aspiring firms and give investors the confidence of knowing these early stage companies have strong, professional support. Recruiting. Product Development. Legal. Sales. Marketing. International.  You name it.” he says.

Copley soundly rejects the opinion of Cam Mhyrvold who, writing in GeekWire, blamed a lack of entrepreneurial talent in the Northwest after closing his Ignition Partners venture group and moving to San Francisco.  Jonathan considers the Northwest an extraordinary spawning ground for tomorrow’s tech leaders, given the talent, the resources, and the legacy of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Boeing, to name the forebears.

Speaking of soccer, (weren’t we?), there’s a valuable listen to be learned from Copley’s experience with the World Cup. “I met with Alan Rothenberg who was chairman of the World Cup at the time, and because I loved soccer, I said, “Alan, is there any way I can help you?”  Rothenberg already had a vast number of people working on the World Cup but he told me he needed someone to help him help build a future soccer league for the U.S.!” “I spent the next two years developing the business and marketing plan for what was then called the National Soccer League and which we rebranded Major League Soccer,” reflected Copley.

Today’s Seattle Sounder fan base of 40,000, of which he is one, “is astonishing!” he says. “It would make the Sounders the tenth best supported team in Britain! We have fantastic crowds. ” There’s another lesson to be learned here as well. It’s about how some engagements start out as one mission (the “World Cup”) and then morph into another — (“Major League Soccer.”) 

”It’s called the Pivot,” reminds Copley. “It is practically inevitable that the first idea a new company founder has will be revised or reinvented along the path to fruition. ”It’s the skill set and flexibility of the startup, and the advisors, that makes all the difference as a young company progresses!” You can’t help but admire this soccer-aficionado-turned-startup-coach’s team spirit!' 
Sources: Seattle 24/7

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