Collage of 2015 Energy Cabinets which resulted in an award-winning year

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Energy Cabinets 

We designed the Energy Cabinet program to work best with groups of around eight Puget-Sound based entrepreneurs comprising:

  • Founders and leaders of funded emerging growth companies
  • Employed individuals with their own promising side businesses
  • Professionals committed to starting their own businesses who have not yet taken the plunge.​

Participants typically have a background that appreciates private education and recognizes the incredible value of a well-qualified professional mentor.  

Three Energy Cabinet Program Options :

  1. Regular                 
  2. Concierge             
  3. Concierge Plus  

Option 1. The Regular Energy Cabinet program  ( This option is best suited for entrepreneurs who have not yet launched their business.)
A monthly FOUR Hour Energy Cabinet session (8.30 am to 12.30 pm, third Thursday of the Month). 

  • Breakfast and informal networking
  • Comprehensive Entrepreneurial skills training addressing Leadership, Operations, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Finance:
  • Learning Approach includes: 
  1. Case Studies
  2. Small group discussion
  3. Purposeful business games
  4. Presentations
  5. Expert Visiting Faculty as needed.
  • All study materials including a personalized binder

AND  A ONE Hour, One-On-One session with Jonathan Copley, once a month, in which you control the agenda to focus on your most important challenges. This option is best suited for those entrepreneurs who have not launched their business. 

Option 2 The Concierge Energy Cabinet program  (This option is always chosen by entrepreneurs that have launched their business)
This includes all features of the Regular program and the following concierge extras:

  • One-on-One 120 minute session once a month
  • Phone consultation relating to urgent issues at no extra charge on an as-needed, equitable basis.
  • Quarterly Cabinet Xtra Social Event
  • Facilitated access to the Grow50 Consortium network of resources that specialize in working with entrepreneurs and emerging growth businesses


Option 3 The Concierge PLUS program (This option is sometimes selected by entrepreneurs who want to significantly improve communication and leadership skills)

This program includes all features of the Concierge program PLUS every quarter your choice of one intense Personal Training Day.  Most popular sessions include:

  • Effective Presentations.
  • Fundraising
  • Media training
  • Effective Time Management
  • Sales Training
  • Customer focused marketing
  • Comprehensive Leadership Assessment
  • How to perform Strategic and Competitive Analysis
  • Outplacement
  • Negotiations
  • Outsourcing Strategy

We can customize additional topics to meet your most pressing needs. All sessions take place at the Center from 10 to 3.45 pm; include lunch. We schedule sessions around mutual availability.

Business Terms and Conditions

Education Fees for each of the Energy Cabinet Options

Regular                $1500 per quarter
Concierge            $2250 per quarter
Concierge Plus    $2950 per quarter

Fees are payable by check at the start of each quarter. Minimum commitment is for 2 quarters (please provide a post-dated check for your 2nd quarter).   No refunds for missed Energy Cabinet sessions.  Individual Sessions can be rescheduled up to once a month providing you give us a full business day notice.

It takes 2 years to complete the Energy Cabinet program. Our syllabus is updated in real time to reflect ever-changing innovations in business. Recognizing the value they are receiving many Cabinet members continue to participate beyond the end of the second year.