Energy Cabinet

Discover how Energy Cabinets are giving a group of entrepreneurs a considerable business advantage.

Many participants are enjoying exceptional business growth. Some have pivoted and are now pursuing more profitable ventures.

The program is customized to give you the perfect blend of smalll group sessions and intense personal coaching sessions with the Founder, Jonathan Copley.

Learn about this,award-winning program


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 The Center for Energizing Leadership is the client education facility of growth-oriented Business Consulting and Education firm, CFOCare Inc. The Center is located around 30 minutes from downtown Seattle, atop a mountain in Bellevue, Washington. The Center provides a safe learning environment for  small business coaching, entrepreneurial skills training,  leadership development and Energy Cabinets where participants can talk openly about their businesses and receive direct expert feedback,


What Clients Say

"There is no more  energizing effective and entertaining way of  building a business than t by joining an Energy Cabinet"

"As a coach  Jonathan 's head and shoulders above anyone I've ever worked with. Completely different class."

Simply the best mentor I've ever had in my twenty some odd years in business. I wish I'd found him earlier in my career

He’s a straight-shooter. He doesn’t sugar-coat his feedback, which is exactly what I need


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Jonathan Copley is the Founder of the Center for Energizing Leadership.He has spent  36+ years helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams, He served as Managing Consulting Partner with both Andersen and Deloitte. He is currently the CEO and Founder of CFOCare Inc   Jonathan speciialiizes in small business coaching, entrepreneurial skills training and leadership development

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